Clove Essential Oil

In this article, we’re going to talk about clove essential oil. Now, clove may sound familiar to people and you may have seen it sitting in your mom’s spice rack, but it isn’t as popular as say, cinnamon or nutmeg. It’s got a particular scent and flavor, which is why it’s used in many desserts. Unfortunately, we are not going to talk about baking, but we will discuss the origins, uses, and benefits of clove and its essential oil.

Clove is a plant that, like so many other spices, originated in Southeast Asia. Clove oil is extracted from either the flower buds or leaves of this plant. It’s a fragrant but potent oil, meaning you only need a few drops to enjoy the its many benefits. Let’s find out what those health benefits are.

Uses of Clove Essential Oil

  • Clove oil can be used in aromatherapy. Its scent is warm, sweet, and a bit spicy. In other words, it’s the perfect essential oil for when you are feeling a bit down or uninspired. Try using clove essential oil in a diffuser, especially during the winter months. It should help your mood and concentration. We hear that it’s an aphrodisiac as well!
  • Because it’s quite a strong scent, we recommend blending clove oil with other essential oils. Clove essential oil blends well with orange, lemon, vanilla, ginger, lavender, sandalwood, cinnamon, and sage. Mix the aromas to achieve the balance and maximize the wellness potential.
  • Clove has long been used in homeopathy as treatment for dental problems. It has analgesic properties, along with being antibacterial, which help ease the pain around a toothache or oral ulcer. To use clove oil internally, it should be heavily diluted with a carrier oil and then applied to the toothache or affected area. This is certainly not a cure, but it will help alleviate symptoms until you can access professional dental care.
  • Clove essential oil also has benefits for your hair. It helps thicken your hair and prevent hair loss. Just add a few drops and comb it through to achieve stronger, shinier hair with a delightfully spicy scent! If you’re worried that it will leave your hair looking greasy, add a few drops to your conditioner and shampoo. That way you can rinse it out but still enjoy the benefits of clove oil in your hair.


Where to Buy Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil can be purchased at many different stores. If you have a health food store or herbalist in your city, they can sell you the highest quality, 100% pure clove oil and answer any questions about its uses. You can also find this oil at Walmart, Target, or other large stores. If you prefer to do your shopping online, there are many essential oil companies that manufacture clove essential oil, including Young living, Doterra, and Mountain Rose Herbs. This oil can be difficult to recreate at home, so we recommend buying from one of these companies.

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