Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is a scent with lots of associations. You may associate this smell with the hippie movement or with Eastern medicine and spirituality. Did you know that patchouli is also a wonderful perfume and health supplement?

The patchouli scent is extracted from the plant, which grows in Southeast Asia and South America. The leaves of this plant contain the essential oils which give patchouli its characteristic aroma. We will help you determine what is the best patchouli essential oil and how to use this oil for your health and enjoyment.


Uses for Patchouli Essential Oil

This oil is packed with benefits, more of which are being discovered all the time. It has aromatherapy properties and physical health benefits. Here are some of the more important uses of patchouli:

  • Patchouli is vital to any aromatherapy practice. Patchouli essential oil has a pungent, sweet smell. It’s a bit musky as well. Burning this oil can improve relaxation, focus, and deep breathing. It can help you reach meditative clarity if you use it in an essential oil diffuser.
  • This essential oil is one of the most important for making your own perfume. You can make many different recipes by blending patchouli with other essential oils. You should mix it with a carrier oil too to dilute it and help the patchouli perfume stay on your skin. Read the next section for tips on blending!
  • Patchouli essential oil has benefits for your skin. It can help soften dry or damaged skin, including the skin on your heels, feet, hands, and face. It is currently being studied as a way to reduce wrinkles, too. As with any essential oil, always dilute it and test it before applying patchouli oil topically on the skin.
  • Look online or consult a dermatologist for more information on how to make patchouli essential oil part of your skincare regimen.
  • You can use patchouli essential oil for your hair. It has properties that stimulate hair growth. This oil will also give you sleek, smooth, silky hair. Mix a few drops of patchouli oil with your daily conditioner or other hair products to experience the benefits of soft silky hair that smells great.
  • Because of its intense aroma, patchouli essential oil can work as an insect repellent. Burn it in a diffuser at outdoor gatherings or mix it with other anti-insect oils like sandalwood, peppermint, or citronella. Patchouli will discourage the mosquitoes and other pests from biting.
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Patchouli Essential Oil Blends

Patchouli essential oil blends well with many other scents. We like to encourage experimentation to discover your own perfect essential oil recipes. The ideal blend also depends on whether you are making a patchouli perfume or a patchouli blend for aromatherapy. We have some tips and favorites oils to share with you.

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Patchouli essential oil mixes well with spicy, herbal, and citrus scents. For example, patchouli and orange essential oil make a delicious warm blend, especially near the holidays. You can also try blending it with with myrrh, cinnamon, lemon, lavender, sage, sandalwood, bergamot, rose, and ginger. Keep your patchouli perfume in a travel-size vial so you can apply it whenever you want to smell the musky warmth of this fragrance.

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Where to Buy Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is a popular essential oil. You can find many suppliers online via Amazon, or companies such as Doterra, Now, or Young Living essential oils. It’s difficult to say which is the “best” patchouli essential oil because each brand will have slight differences in aroma.  You may also find variations of this oil, like Indian patchouli essential oil or dark essential oil. As always, the best essential oils are organic and pure.

If you are interested in buying wholesale patchouli oil, get in contact with the supplier of an oil that you like. Young Living offers special wholesale patchouli prices, for example. While you are buying patchouli oil, you may wish to look for other essential oils, carrier oils, or essential oil accessories so you can fully enjoy your patchouli purchase!


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