Grapefruit Essential Oil

In recent years, grapefruit has made a comeback as a popular citrus fruit and fragrance. This sweet, tart, and summery fruit is an important ingredient in household cleaners, perfumes, and cocktails. The best way to enjoy grapefruit is with the essential grapefruit oil. This substance is extracted from the natural fruit peel, creating a pure, powerful health oil. Below, we will cover all the most important information about this oil, including the properties, uses, and health benefits of grapefruit essential oil, including its role as a weight loss aid.


Uses of Grapefruit Essential Oil

So, what is grapefruit essential oil good for and how can it improve your life?

  • Grapefruit essential oil has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Like other citrus oils, this one is slightly acidic. It can be used to kill harmful bacteria in your life and home. Grapefruit oil can be added to household surface cleaners to disinfect counters, sinks, and more. It will leave your kitchen or bathroom smelling wonderful!
  • This essential oil for has benefits for digestion and weight loss. It can be taken in capsule form or by adding a few drops to water. We’ll talk more about the diet and weight loss benefits in the next section.
  • This oil has some incredible aromatherapy benefits. Grapefruit essential oil has a crisp, clean smell. It is uplifting and positive for your mood. It can also help boost concentration and memory. Try smelling this oil when you need a bit of clarity. If you want to know how to use essential oil diffusers, check out our other articles.
  • Grapefruit essential oil also blends well with other oils. We recommend spicy, herbal, and other citrus scents, like lemon, bergamot, lavender, ginger, clove, black pepper, cardamom, peppermint, and basil essential oils. Try mixing it to create your own grapefruit essential oil recipe.
  • Grapefruit essential oil can help with hair growth. Some hair products already include this natural oil in their formulas. Grapefruit oil helps stimulate circulation anywhere on the body, so when you apply it to your hair and scalp, it will strengthen the hair follicles. Try adding a few drops to your daily shampoo.
  • Grapefruit essential oil is rejuvenating for your skin. It is slightly acidic, so it acts as an astringent to help cleanse and renew oily or troubled skin. If you have acne, your skin can benefit from a grapefruit oil toner. You may want to test this product on a small patch of skin before using it topically in order to avoid an adverse reaction.
  • Grapefruit essential oil is thought to be good for removing cellulite on the legs, belly, and other areas. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help make your skin more smooth and firm. If you mix it with a carrier oil, like coconut or avocado oil, you can create your own grapefruit  cellulite cream. Apply a bit on your hand or arm first to test for any irritation.
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Does Grapefruit Essential Oil Help You Lose Weight?

The number one question people ask about grapefruit oil is this one: how do you use grapefruit essential oil for weight loss? Well, it’s simple: just add a few drops of this oil to water before your meal. Grapefruit oil helps curb your appetite. You will feel full sooner, eat less food, and thus lose more weight.

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Ingesting this essential oil is safe, but we recommend only 2-3 drops per glass of water. And, if possible, look for organic, food-grade grapefruit essential oil as it will be the healthiest and safest. You may also enjoy mixing grapefruit with other essential oils for weight loss, like ginger or peppermint. We hope it serves you in your weight loss journey!


Pink Grapefruit, White Grapefruit, Grapefruit Seed: What’s the Difference?

People are more familiar with the pink grapefruit, but there is also a white variety of grapefruit. Pink grapefruit is sweeter and more visually-striking. Most essential oils are made out of the pink variety since it is more common and thus cheaper to produce. They share similar properties.

You may also be wondering about grapefruit seed extract. This substance is extracted from the seed and inner pulp of the grapefruit, rather than the peel. Grapefruit seed extract is not an essential oil because it is usually mixed with other chemicals or sold in capsule form. At your health food store, they should carry both grapefruit essential oil and grapefruit seed extract so you can see the difference in person.


Where to Buy Grapefruit Essential Oil

Most grapefruit essential oils are produced from the pink grapefruit. If you want white grapefruit essential oil, amazon has a few varieties. We prefer the normal/pink variety as it is cheaper, but still amazing. You can buy it from a number of well-known essential oil brands, like YL, Doterra, Now, and others. If you buy directly from the manufacturer, like on the Doterra or Young Living store, you can find additional information about grapefruit essential oil uses.

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If you are wondering how to make grapefruit essential oil, we can tell you that it is a time consuming and costly process. For that reason, we recommend buying this oil, as there are many organic and effective grapefruit oils on the market. They are very affordable, with small bottles costing less than ten dollars.

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