Rose Essential Oil

Can you imagine a setting more idyllic and tranquil than a rose garden? In many places it’s a spring tradition to wander the garden paths, soaking up the delicate colors and fragrant blooms. Roses are, to put it simply, perfection. That’s why it should come as no surprise that rose essential oil is equally beloved in the world of natural wellness.


Uses of Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is extracted from the petals of the famous flower. Here’s how it can benefit your life:

  • It’s an important component of aromatherapy. It promotes immediate relaxation when inhaled. Just a few inhalations of rose essential oil will help alleviate anxiety and depression. After all, it’s hard to feel sad in a rose garden! If you want to enjoy the continuous scent of rose oil, try using an essential oil diffuser or room spray.
  • Rose oil makes a great perfume. It’s a romantic scent, both warm and nostalgic, yet crisp and classic. It can be worn alone if you apply it with a carrier oil, like almond or olive oil. Rose also blends well with other floral, herbal, or spicy scents. How about jasmine and rose or patchouli and rose oil?
  • Rose is not an abrasive scent; it’s calm and soothing. That’s why rose is a common component in skincare products. Lotions and creams use rose oil for the aroma. If you want to enjoy a body treatment that is free from toxic chemicals, try making your own rose oil body scrub. There are many recipes available, but the basic ingredients include sugar, rose essential oil, and other essential oils. Use the scrub in the shower or bathtub to achieve that ethereal, glowing skin that you want!
  • Other products utilize the antibacterial properties of rose essential oil to help control skin conditions like acne. It can sooth those blemishes on your face, back, and chest. It also helps open your pores and make them more receptive to other creams or treatment products. Of course, you should follow product instructions and use a carrier oil if you are going to use it topically. Check for therapeutic grade essential oil.
  • You can enjoy the aromatherapeutic and nourishing properties of rose oil in your hair. It moisturizes the scalp and keeps your hair shiny and light. Remember that a little goes a long way!
  • Rose oil rose should not be used for cooking or internal consumption. There are other products available, such as rose water or rose powder, that will provide the rose flavor in baked goods and beverages. Pure and natural does not mean edible!
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Where to Buy Rose Essential Oil

Always buy the best essential oils if you want the best results for your health. Pure rose essential oil is expensive, so you have to be a savvy consumer if you want to avoid getting scammed. Read the product labels. If something isn’t labeled as 100% pure or organic, it probably isn’t. Buy it in smaller quantities, like those available from Young Living or Doterra, to ensure a potent, quality product. You can also find essential oils and other rose oil products on Amazon or at your favorite natural health and beauty stores. Wishing you a rosy future with essential oils!

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