Pine Essential Oil

Every culture has its own characteristic smells which related to the cuisine, hygiene, and customs of that culture. In many countries, the aroma of pine trees is unmistakably associated with Christmas, family, and the holiday spirit. If you’ve ever had a Christmas tree in your home, you probably recognize and cherish the fresh scent of pine needles in December.

But pine is more than just a nostalgic holiday smell. When the aroma is extracted from the pine tree, a wonderful essential oil is released. Pine essential oil has many uses and benefits for your health. Let’s discover what pine essential oil is and what it can do for you!


What is Pine Essential Oil and How is it Made?

Pine essential oil is the pure plant aroma extracted from the pine tree. Pine trees can be found all over the world. There are many varieties, including the jack pine, pinon pine, white pine, black pine, ponderosa pine, scots or scotch pine, French pine, and maritime pine. While you may find a white pine or jack pine essential oil, Scots pine is the most common tree for making pine essential oil. What is the best pine essential oil? That depends on its intended use, but for this article, we will focus mainly on the Scots pine oil.

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While all the parts of the pine tree are valuable- including the pinecones, pine bark, and pine tar- most pine essential oil is produced from the pine needles. Using a process such as steam distillation, the pure, potent essence is extracted from the needles into a clear yellow substance. That substance is the essential oil.


Uses for Pine Essential Oil

So, what is pine essential oil good for? Let’s take a look:

  • Pine oil is an aromatherapy necessity for anyone who needs a bit of stress relief and spiritual uplift. It has properties that boost the mood, sharpen concentration, and elevate energy levels. The crisp smell can be enjoyed in a diffuser or essential oil burner. It will help with respiratory problems too.
  • Pine essential oil blends well with many other oils. Besides aromatherapy, you can use these pine blends to freshen any room in your house with a complex, powerful scent. We particularly like using pine oil with citrus scents, spices, and herbal smells. Orange, lemon, grapefruit, ginger, bergamot, rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, cedar, and thyme are nice companion scents to pine oil.
  • Pine oil is effective against different fungi and bacteria. These properties make it an ideal additive in certain skin and hair treatments. For example, psoriasis, eczema, and topical yeast infections are all responsive to pine oil treatments. Typically, a topical application will consist of a few drops of pine oil in a carrier oil. This mixture can be applied to the affected area. Consult a doctor or dermatologist if you have questions about using pine essential oil.
  • Organic pine essential oil makes a wonderful house cleaner. In addition to being antibacterial, it helps protect against pests like lice and fleas. Make a surface cleaner or spray using a few drops of pine oil and use it around the house. There’s nothing better than a clean, pest-free home!
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Where to Buy Pine Essential Oil

Pine oil is available from most essential oil brands, including Young Living and Mountain Rose Herbs. Doterra does not produce a pine oil, but it does make a Douglas Fir essential oil. Additionally, Doterra makes an oil blend that contains pine and citrus oils, called Purity. You can find these essential oils online on the company websites or from large retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

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If you are looking for more specific pine oils, like black pine essential oil or ponderosa pine essential oil, it’s a good idea to find a company that specializes in those oils. Often, they are only grown or produced in a limited area. The same is true of oils that come specifically from the pinecones or pine bark. We recommend starting with the basic scots pine needle essential oil and exploring other pine oils from there.

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