Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is the pure essence of the lemon plant. It is extracted from the peel of the lemon fruit, which creates a fragrant and potent essential oil. Like the citrus fruit, this oil has a range of wonderful properties for your health.

Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

  • This oil is an invigorating choice for aromatherapy. The crisp citrus scent can help elevate your mood and reduce anxiety. Smelling lemon oil in the morning will give you a boost of energy and positivity to start the day.
  • Get further enjoyment from this aroma by using it in a diffuser or looking for lemon essential oil candles. If you find pure lemon to be too strong, this scent blends well with many others. We recommend blending lemon with lavender, peppermint, rosemary, oregano, tea tree, basil, ginger, neroli, and rose essential oil.
  • Lemon essential oil can supercharge your immune system. It packs a mega dose of vitamin C, along with some strong antibacterial properties. Use this oil to prevent illness and if you feel a cold or sore throat coming on, make a lemon oil tonic immediately.
  • You can use lemon essential to make a great natural deodorant or perfume. Mix it with a carrier oil first and apply it to a small patch of skin to test for irritation. Enjoy smelling fresh without the need for toxic chemicals.
  • Lemon oil makes a great natural cleaner. As mentioned, it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which make it an ideal ingredient for cleaning household surfaces, like kitchen counters and bathrooms. Cleaning with lemon essential oil will leave your house smelling extra fresh! Try mixing it with a carrier oil to create a non-toxic wood polish and give your furniture a protective shine!

Taking Lemon Oil Internally

Is it safe to take lemon essential oil internally? Is it edible? The short answer is: yes. Lemon essential oil can be taken in small doses. You can add a few drops to water or take this oil in capsule form. It’s not recommended to use in cooking, though, as the flavor is quite strong. If a recipe calls for lemon, you are better sticking with a food-grade lemon extract or using fresh lemon.

There are many diets that suggest adding lemon juice or lemon oil to water. These treatments are believed to help detoxify and eliminate waste, like kidney stones, from the body. They may even help with weight loss, although that is still being studied. At the very least, adding a few drops to water will make it easier to stay hydrated and healthy.


Lemon Essential Oil as a Skin Treatment

One fantastic, and perhaps unexpected, use of lemon essential oil is as a skin treatment. You might assume that lemon is too acidic to put on your skin, but if it’s used in measured doses, it can have satisfactory results. The primary topical use for lemon oil is as an acne treatment. Lemon eliminates the bacteria in your pores and acts as an astringent to reduce excess oil. It also makes acne scars less noticeable. Talk to your dermatologist about possible skin treatments using lemon essential oil. Never apply essential oils to your skin without first reading the care instructions and diluting the oil with another substance.

Many skin-lightening remedies, or skin brighteners, also call for lemon oil. It removes dark spots and fades scars to create a clearer, even-toned complexion.  When the oil is combined with an exfoliator, it can work wonders, especially on areas like the elbows and hands. It will leave your skin glowing and feeling renewed.

In addition to its antibacterial properties, lemon essential oil is also an antifungal cure. It can be used in a treatment for topical warts on the hands or feet. When mixed with tea tree or other essential oils, it can be even more effective. This oil may also fight against different types of yeast infections, like jock itch or athlete’s foot.

Lemon Essential Oil Health Precautions

Like any health supplement, lemon oil should be used in moderation and according to the product instructions. Talk to your doctor before using lemon essential oil when you are pregnant. Avoid using this oil on babies, children, and pets, as it may irritate their skin.


Where To Buy Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is easy to find online and in stores. Check with your local health food store, herbalist, Walmart, or Walgreens to see if they carry this oil. You can also buy this oil on Amazon or from essential oil companies like Young Living or Doterra. You may find varying qualities for this product, so look for high-quality, 100% pure oil of therapeutic grade, if possible. There are also other lemon oil varieties and blends available, like Jade Lemon from Doterra. Let us know which lemon essential oil you like best!

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