Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils are the cornerstone of aromatherapy, with the most popular and recognizable being lavender essential oil. It’s produced from the flowering lavender plant, which is found all over the world, most notably in France. The oil comes from the flower and it has a sweet, soothing smell. The best lavender essential oil is 100% pure (and organic, if possible). In this article, we’ll explain the uses and benefits of this wonderful oil along with information about lavender essential oil products and where to buy them.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender essential oil has a great variety of uses and health benefits.

  • Relaxation: Breathing this oil has a calming effect. It reduces anxiety, stress, and other negative emotions. Simply inhaling a bit of this oil will instantly help you relax. You can also apply it to your wrists, clothing, or add some lavender essential oil to create a warm and relaxing aromatherapy bath.
  • Meditation: Lavender oil is good for meditation practice. This oil has properties that help you focus and clear the mind so you can focus on the deep practice of meditation.
  • Sleep: Because lavender essential oil is so relaxing, some people use it before bedtime to help the body relax and fall asleep. You may apply the essential oil to your temples, wrists, or feet, but make sure to use a carrier oil.
  • Skin: Lavender scent is used in many skincare products. Applying lavender essential oil to the skin or face may prevent acne and other skin problems because it has soothing and healing properties. You can look for high-quality therapeutic grade oil for these uses.
  • Hair: Lavender essential oil for hair will keep you smelling great all day. You can find it in products for both humans and dogs. It may also help people with certain health conditions that lead to hair loss.
  • Room fragrance: Lavender is a classic and relaxing smell for any home. Lavender essential oil candles and diffusers help spread the scent around the room. It can help keep sheets, towels, and clothing smelling fresh too. If you don’t like unnatural chemical room sprays, lavender essential oil is an affordable and healthy alternative.
  • Internal Use: After consulting a doctor, lavender essential oil may be used internally. Some early studies show that taking this oil internally could help with anxiety symptoms. Check with your doctor before using lavender essential oil, or any essential oil, with babies or pets.
  • Recipes: If indicated as edible, lavender essential oil can be used to add a twist to food and drinks. You can add it to lemonade, water, or other drinks for a refreshing new flavor. Lavender is a trendy flavor for cocktails and mixed drinks too. You can use a bit of lavender oil when cooking meats and many other things.
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Lavender Essential Oil Products

Due to the immense popularity of lavender oil, consumers can find it in a variety of different products and formats. This oil is usually sold in small glass bottles with a picture of the purple lavender flower. Lavender essential oil is available in many sizes, such as 4 oz or 16 oz.  Another common size is 100 mL (about 3.3 oz) because it is the maximum size of essential oil allowed on airplanes. If you prefer not to use the oil by itself, you can still experience the benefits of aromatherapy. Just look for lavender essential oil candles, diffusers, or room sprays which capture this relaxing scent for your home.

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Lavender blends well with many other essential oil scents. For this reason, you may find pre-made essential oil blends that contain lavender. If you mix lavender with another oil, it may combine and enhance the healing properties of both oils. Some common blends include lavender and peppermint, lemon, bergamot, rose, sage, and many other essential oils. You can experiment to find which lavender essential oil blend you prefer.

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Lavender and peppermint blend!

Where to Buy Lavender Essential Oil

There are many different brands and stores that sell essential oils. If you are looking for lavender essential oil, Young Living, Doterra, and NOW are some popular manufacturers. You can buy these oils online, through Doterra or Young Living representatives, and at stores. Target, Walmart, and other large stores carry lavender essential oil.  Apothecaries and health food stores, like Whole Foods, also sell this oil. Some websites even sell lavender essential oil wholesale or in bulk quantities. As always, high-quality, organic and 100% natural essential oils are the best for your health!

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