Have you heard that expression you get what you pay for? That’s especially true when it comes to essential oils. doTERRA is a premium essential oil brand that cares about everything from where that plant is sourced all the way to when it arrives in a bottle and is shipped to your doorstep.

doTERRA is the number one essential oil company in the world, and it also has a leading industry standard for their testing. So they make sure that what you see on the bottle is what is actually inside of the bottle! That’s not always true with every single essential oil company. In fact, before doTERRA came on the scene, that wasn’t true about any essential oil company!

You could pick up an essential oil bottle, and it could say tea tree oil on it. And as long as it had one drop of a pure essential oil, they could claim that that was a 100% pure essential oil. Nobody was going to be going and checking the facts until doTERRA said You know what? We need to make sure that what we’re putting on our bodies is going to be safe for the consumer. And that is what makes them the leading standard in the aromatherapy industry.

Everything from the plant to the sourcing to putting it inside of that bottle to you putting that drop onto yourself makes it pure and that there’s no additives in it, there’s no fillers, there’s no weird chemicals. When you put a drop on your body anywhere and it doesn’t matter what it is (shampoos, conditioners, lotions cosmetics…), it enters your bloodstream. It’s getting inside of your body, and it’s going to be doing something in there.

If it’s something bad, it’s going to probably be doing something bad in there! But if it’s something good, like a doTERRA essential oil, it’s going to go to work on your behalf, and it’s going to fight for you, and it’s going to do something amazing in your body. That’s why recommends doTERRA.