doTERRA Harvest Spice Essential Oil

Today we are going to talk about doTERRA Harvest Spice gathering blend. This is a beautiful blend that is a little bit spicy, but it’s very warm, woody and smooth.

What is in doTERRA Harvest Spice?

Cassia, clove, eucalyptus, cedarwood, nutmeg and cinnamon bark are what you’re going to find in this blend. It’s just such an awesome combination! It’s very heartwarming. The aroma will fill your home with just that rich and cozy, inviting aroma. doTERRA Harvest Spice is very grounding and settling as well. It feels very homey when you smell it and it reminds us of baking things in the kitchen with our grandmas and moms and even our kids.

What is doTERRA Harvest Spice used for?

How you can use this doTERRA Harvest Spice? You can diffuse it to have that inviting aroma. You can also put it in sachets for your drawers and closets to kind of have that real nice, warm, homy kind of aroma and everything will smell so nice!

And then another thing you can do is maybe you’re writing an actual letter (we know that our handwriting, real letters have gone by the wayside for a lot of people). But let’s say Christmas time or you’re sending a letter back home because you miss somebody very close and dear to. You could make a little spray with doTERRA Harvest Spice and you can add a little bit of alcohol in it so that it doesn’t stay wet and just put some of this in it.

We would say like put ten drops of this in a small spray bottle, a bit of water and a bit of alcohol. We would do about half and half, and just spray it real lightly on the envelope. But not too much, so that doesn’t kind of spot it and stuff, but just kind of whisper it in the air and then just kind of take your card and as you sprayed it and the aroma, it will pick up that scent. Or you can even put a little cloth or spray another little card or something and stick it in there.

We think when people get those cards and they smell so homey and warm, it just brings back those beautiful memories many times when you were growing up, blending to cook and bake with grandma, that kind of thing.

And then other things you can do with doTERRA Harvest Spice! You can use it as a room or a linen spray. So if you’re not writing letters, you can use it for that or to freshen up a bathroom or something like that before you have guests. If you’re having guests over, let’s say you’re inviting people over for dinner or you’re having a potluck or you’re having a special gathering, we would definitely be diffusing this blend.

If you have an office where you have people coming in or you’re showing a home, or you’re showing homes as a real estate agent, or maybe you’re selling your home, doTERRA Harvest Spice blend would be a great one to diffuse because it just brings such a homey and comfortable feeling to people as they smell it.

So those are some things we would use this blend for. Do you have any questions about doTERRA Harvest Spice gathering blend? Let us know!

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