doTERRA Green Mandarin Essential Oil

doTERRA Green Mandarin is absolutely delicious. It smells exactly like mandarin, which is so different to orange! It’s beautiful! And one of the cool things about this Green Mandarin blend is that it is sourced from Brazil. Now we have lots of oranges going on in doTERRA – we have Tangerine or Wild Orange essential oils, to name a few. It’s crazy.

What is in doTERRA Green Mandarin?

Green Mandarin is different because it comes from, as the name suggests, green mandarin. And the interesting thing about this, which we didn’t know, but we’ve also learned since we got the oil is that whenever mandarin trees grow, they need to be thinned out for them to be able to grow properly. So what that means is they take around 60% to 70% of the mandarins before they are fully ripe. They remove them from the tree. So there is enough room and enough resources from the tree to grow and ripen the rest of the Mandarin.

So probably 30% to 40% of the mandarins that are on the tree are the ones that go to fully ripe. So they pull off all the green mandarins. They make space for the rest of the mandarins to grow. And usually those green mandarins just fall on the ground and compost or they’re just chucked and removed away. doTERRA has found through research that there are a lot of benefits to actually using green mandarin and taking the oil from the green mandarin peel.

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So what this has done for farmers in Brazil is that has produced a whole new level of income for them from something that would normally just go in the bin. doTERRA is able to take the green mandarins from them and pay them for them.

This payment for the green mandarin is actually enough for them to cover the rest of their year of farming. So whenever they make any money from the farming that they were doing originally just for the ripened mandarins, all of that is profit! So these farmers are so much better off and there’s no waste from the trees. Since we’re big advocates for no waste lifestyle, we really love this which is why we love doTERRA Green Mandarin essential oil.

One of the biggest exciting things is that we remind you about citrus oils and how they are photosensitive. That means that when you use citrus oils on your skin, you need to be aware of the amount of time that you spend in sunlight because it makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight, which means that you will burn easier.

Green mandarin is not photosensitive, so if you’re like us and you love applying citrus oils in your body lotion or you would like to make a cleanser or a moisturizer for your face that has a citrus tone to it and you’d like to use citrus, this blend will be perfect. With other citrus oils  you might lean away from them because you’d be scared of damaging your skin through the sun because it’s going to get hit all day if you’re outside. But doTERRA Green Mandarin is not photosensitive, so you can use this in your skincare products!

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What is doTERRA Green Mandarin used for?

A really nice way to use it would be to make a toner using this Green Mandarin blend from doTERRA together with some witch hazel, a little bit of water and then you could just spray that on your face. This would be a gorgeous way to use this oil!

It doesn’t matter during summer, during the winter. Go for it! doTERRA Green Mandarin is also really great for hair, skin and nails . It’s very cleansing. It’s got those really high levels of lemonade, like most of the citrus oils do.

This essential oil is also great for our digestive system, relieving constipation or any kind of ailments that are going on – bloating flatulence, fat digestion or lymphatic drainage.

doTERRA Green Mandarin is very nervous system calming. It interacts really well with doTERRA Balance blend. It can also have an uplifting effect, like a lot of the citrus oils. For example, you could put this on in the afternoon by itself or blend it with other grounding oils and it will have that really calming effect even during sleep.

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This doTERRA Green Mandarin blend is a lovely one to use for your immune system. It can help support your immune system. You can diffuse it, use it topically or even take it internally. Add a couple of drops into your water (it’s delicious) and that just helps your immune system to stay a little bit healthier.

This essential oil also helps you from an emotional point of view. To support it and from an emotional point of view. It is a heart opener, they say. Try applying it to your heart center. It can help you be open to change, open to new opportunities, open to new people. Whatever way you feel that you need to open your heart, then Green Mandarin blend from doTERRA can support you to do that.

To sum up, doTERRA Green Mandarin is a great blend. We just love it, in our water and in our difussers. So we hope you can get your hands on it!

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