doTERRA Balance Essential Oil

Today we are going to do some oily education on one of our favorite blends that doTERRA does and probably one of the most popular besides doTERRA On Guard. This one is probably most popular one well known emotional supporting blend that this essential oils company does: doTERRA Balance.

What is in doTERRA Balance?

Balance is the grounding blend by doTERRA. It is a blend of frankincense, wood, spruce and blue chamomile. And then it has some fractionated coconut oil in there as well. When we look at each of the oils that are in this blend individually, they’re all very calming, relaxing oils. It’s called the grounding blend. And whenever you think of oils that have a grounding property to them, what does grounding mean? It just means that it calms us down and settles us. It takes the information that’s in there and it just organizes it and even allows us to focus a little bit more.

But when you look at essential oils that have the ability to support us in this way, it quite often ends up being oils that are deep rooted plants or trees, which is a really nice way to think of it like a frankincense tree is a big, majestic tree with these big, deep roots, and it’s one of the most grounding calming, supporting oils that you can have out there. So we think of where the oil comes from and what is manifested in that plant itself. Then we’re taking those properties and we’re trying to support ourselves in that way with that oil as well.

We really like that mental image of where the essential oil is actually coming from and how it supports us that way. So we’ve got those oils in here, those nice, big trees that really help us calm down and bring us back to a place of focus.

What is doTERRA Balance used for?

There are many different ways that you can use doTERRA Balance in your daily life. We really just love to diffuse it a lot, particularly in the evening. If you have kids and they are going to get crazy sort of after nap time and it’s before dinner time and everything’s a bit crazy, we’re trying to get a million things done. It’s then time for some drops of doTERRA Balance essential oil.

It also blends really well with doTERRA Wild Orange, which is a bit unknown because we tend to think of the citrus essential oils having uplifting and energising properties. But Wild Orange and Balance together just provide a really comforting, secure, calming aroma that’s really nice to have in your diffuser. So we might put this in, actually in the bedroom diffuser and the living room so that we have the smell throughout the entire house, hich is beautiful.

How else do we use it? How about as a perfume? This is the essential oil that gets many aromatherapy lovers off traditional perfumes that are loaded with chemicals. Also, it already has some fractionated coconut oil in there because it keeps those oils that are inside nice and stable.

But if you haven’t used doTERRA Balance on your skin, just dilute it first and then see how your skin sensitivity goes, because we’re all different in that respect. Putting a couple of drops on the wrist and rub them together can be a great idea and a really good routine to get in to use it daily.

If you’re somebody who struggles with focus or you have children who struggle with focus, it’s a really nice idea to just add a couple of drops of doTERRA Balance.

If you like the smell, you can just put it on your body, but if you don’t, you can just put a couple of drops on the soles of your feet and then pop your socks or your shoes on on top of that. Do that in the morning and at night and that will help to organise everything that’s going on calm you and just let you settle down at the end of the day or even just head into the day with a much more focused stop pattern than normal.

The emotional benefits of this Balance blend are the key factor here, in our opinion. It’s also really nice and blended with lavender, so that’s another really calming grounding oil and vetiver. If you’re really going for the hard hitting focused blends, then doTERRA Balance and vetiver and lavender are beautiful to use together in the diffuser or topically on your body or in your bath.

Regarding bath use, pour four to five drops of this essential oil, half a cup of milk or a quarter cup of milk. It depends how big your bath is! That just helps the oil emulsify with the milk and then it doesn’t just end up sitting on top of your bath water. So whatever milk that you normally use, put you oils into the cup, swirl them around and then drop that straight into bath and it makes sure that that oil actually mixes through the water rather than just sitting on top.

doTERRA Balance essential oil is especially suited for personalities who seek to escape from life through disconnection or disassociation. These individuals may avoid long term commitments in work or relationships, preferring instead to drift. This blend reminds individuals that to realise their true dreams and desires, they must stay focused on a goal until it is actualised in the physical world.

So if you’re a little bit of a dreamer, well, it’s great to be a dreamer. But if you’re a little bit of one that is never really getting things done and you’ve got these grand plans, but you would really like to start actioning stuff, doTERRA Balance oil is one that would be really beneficial to add into your daily routine.

A grounding blend like this one teaches true perseverance by assisting individuals in staying present with a specific plan or idea until it is embodied. So basically, just staying on track on what you’ve decided that you’re going to do. The positive emotions that doTERRA Balance can invoke for you are a grounding feeling stable, connected, committed, selfcontained, inner strength and perseverance.

So that is doTERRA Balance. We absolutely adore this oil and we feel like everybody can benefit from it. Moms and dads definitely need to have this in their essential oil arsenal, but all adults can benefit from this just as much.

Have you already tried this grounding essential oil? Let us know in the comments below!

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